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Success Members in Calgary, Alberta
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Mireille Harris Mireille Harris 3 — RE/MAX Central Brokerage
Nevin Van Nest Nevin Van Nest 5 — Royal LePage Foothills Brokerage
Ellen Fang Ellen Fang 3 — Property Solutions Real Estate Group Brokerage
Robert L Birth Robert L Birth 4 — RE/MAX House of Real Estate Brokerage
Brad White Brad White 3 — RE/MAX House of Real Estate Brokerage
Jack Kearney Jack Kearney 4 — CIR Realtors Brokerage
Terry Carter Terry Carter 4 — Century 21 - Bamber Realty Ltd. Brokerage
Alois Zeman Alois Zeman 3 — RE/MAX Real Estate (Mountain View) Brokerage
Jackie McKeeman Jackie McKeeman 4 — Royal LePage Peters & Lank Realty Inc. Brokerage
Pat Gordon Pat Gordon 3 — The Real Estate Company Ltd. Brokerage
Michelle Jones Michelle Jones 3 — Discover Real Estate Brokerage
Marilyn Sharpe Marilyn Sharpe 3 — RE/MAX Realty Professionals Brokerage
Jason Bell Jason Bell 5 — Vostner Bell Real Estate Group Brokerage
Lucia Constantinescu Lucia Constantinescu 4 — RE/MAX Real Estate Central Brokerage
Sadie and Wayne MacKay Sadie and Wayne MacKay 3 — Keller Williams Realty South Brokerage
Carla Hart Carla Hart 4 — RE/MAX House of Real Estate Brokerage
Graham Hetherington Graham Hetherington 4 — CIR REALTY Brokerage
Jon Angevine Jon Angevine 4 — Discover Real Estate Brokerage
Ted Greenhough Ted Greenhough 4 — RE/MAX Realty Professionals Brokerage
Randy Bett Randy Bett 4 — Real Estate Professionals Inc. Brokerage
Kathy Thirsk and John Dick Kathy Thirsk and John Dick "JD" 4 — Kathy and JD Brokerage
Moh Harris Moh Harris 4 — CIR Realty Brokerage
Jean Reid Jean Reid 4 — Sutton Canwest Vista Brokerage
Kevin Jordet Kevin Jordet 4 — Century 21 Bamber Brokerage
Lyle Stewart Lyle Stewart 1 — Realty 5000 Brokerage
Carmen Sarro Carmen Sarro 4 — CIR Realty Brokerage
Angelique Garcia Angelique Garcia 5 — CIR Realty Brokerage
Theresa Jennings Theresa Jennings 4 — Sutton Group Canwest Vista Brokerage
Kimberley Avery Kimberley Avery 4 — RE/MAX Real Estate Central Brokerage
Jim Elcombe Jim Elcombe 4 — Discover Real Estate Ltd Brokerage
Rod Forsythe Rod Forsythe 3 — RE/MAX Central Brokerage
Doug, Susan and Kristen Doug, Susan and Kristen 3 — RE/MAX Real Estate (Central) Brokerage
Cheryl Stevenson Cheryl Stevenson 4 — Sutton Canwest Vista Brokerage
Mireille Harris Mireille Harris 1 — RE/MAX Central Brokerage
David Cousins David Cousins 3 — Keller Williams Realty South Brokerage
Shawn Riley Shawn Riley 4 — RE/MAX House of Real Estate Brokerage
Pammi Brar Pammi Brar 4 — RE/MAX Real Estate Mountain View Brokerage
Damien Chappus Damien Chappus 3 — Prudential Select Realty Inc. Brokerage
Elaine Braun Elaine Braun 3 — Realty Executives Apex Brokerage
Barry Mills Barry Mills 4 — Century 21 The Professionals Ltd. Brokerage
Carol Bushfield Carol Bushfield 3 — RE/MAX House of Real Estate Brokerage
Brian Sugden Brian Sugden 4 — Century 21 Brokerage
Dana Schnittke Dana Schnittke 4 —  Century 21 Bamber Realty Brokerage

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